Newly-released 2021 Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Book by Author John S. Pritchett

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Author John S. Pritchett has announced the release of his engrossing debut, Asteroid Apophis: Lord of Chaos, which investigates the theoretical feasibility of planetary defense from a near-Earth asteroid like the real-life 99942 Apophis. Pritchett was inspired to write after considering apocalyptic stories he’d heard as a child that discussed the potential of an existential threat to the world populace. He hopes that his work will encourage others to think broadly, push limits, and be curious.

Asteroid Apophis outlines the process of defending the planet from an asteroid posing a hazard to Earth. Pritchett considers multiple angles, from initial detection to tracking the progress of the threat, in order to paint a comprehensive picture of this intriguing scenario. While analyzing strategies to destroy or deflect the asteroid, Pritchett also dissects the human element of commanding the forces needed to address the threat on both a domestic and international basis.

Fans of realistic hypothetical science are sure to enjoy Pritchett’s insights, analytical rigor, and commitment to organic, research-based discovery. In presenting the most realistic vision of an asteroid as a threat, Asteroid Apophis reinforces the possibilities of modern science. While other authors stray into the fantastical, Pritchett is true to our real-world capabilities, which adds a distinct flavor of genuineness to his work.

The title Asteroid Apophis is in homage to both 99942 Apophis and the ancient Egyptian god for whom the asteroid is named. Pritchett believes planetary defense from these types of asteroids are within our reach and that part of the role of science fiction is to challenge the collective human imagination.

John S. Pritchett served in the United States Navy for twenty years before transitioning into the intelligence community, where he worked as an analyst and educator. He has a keen sense of the analytical and an insatiable curiosity that drives his new career as an author.

Asteroid Apophis: Lord of Chaos is available for purchase at Amazon.