Newborn Puppies Reunite With Mother After Burglars Violently Stole Them in Manchester, Netizens Are Emotional With the Lovely Pics

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Cruel burglars in Manchester, slashed a dog’s face and stole her six newborn puppies. The shocking incident which happened on July 20, 2019, led an emotional outburst on people online and the Greater Manchester Police continued to update about the same on their Facebook page. With effective search operation, the officers could finally locate the six puppies the next day, and immediately were reunited with their wounded mother. The sickening act has disgusted the netizens and GMP officials have further reported arresting a 40-year-old man in suspicion. The lovely pictures of the puppies resting at their home, peacefully, with their mother around, has left the dog lovers in teary eyes. Georgia Puppy Mill Operator Arrested for Keeping 700 Dogs in ‘Horrific Conditions’. 

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On July 20, 2019 morning, the puppies were snatched when two men followed a man into a flat in north Manchester, GMP reports. The newborns were pushed into carrier bags and their mother, identified as Zena, who was trying to rescue her puppies, was slashed in the face. "When Zena tried to bravely defend her pups, she was hit in the head with a machete by one of the men, causing a deep laceration," reads the GMP Facebook post. The police officials initially believed that seven pups were stolen, but they later confirmed the number to be six. The burglars even took cash, keys and a phone. A man who was attacked during the incident had also suffered defensive wounds to his hands and arms. Woman Dumps 7 Newborn Puppies in Trash, Video From Coachella Goes Viral Angering Netizens. 

View Pic of the Newborn Puppies

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The investigation is underway and one man has been arrested on suspicion and remains in custody for questioning. The two burglars, yet to be identified are believed to be in their 20s and were wearing dark clothing with their hoods on. One of them is supposed to be 6ft 3 inches and the other one to be slightly shorter, with a black face covering.