Newborn dragged out of OT, killed by stray dogs in Farrukhabad

In a chilling incident, a newborn baby was allegedly dragged out of operation theatre and killed by stray dogs at a private hospital in Farrukhabad.

The baby's mother Kanchan had delivered the boy through a ceasarian a few hours before the incident. 

The family alleged that they were never showed the baby boy and he was dragged out of the operation theatre and killed by a stray dog owing to complete negligence on the part of hospital staff, the police said.

An FIR has been registered against doctor and hospital administration, the police said. 

"On Monday night, Chief Medical Officer Dr Chandra Shekhar and City Magistrate Sunil Kumar Singh visited the hospital and sealed it. The CCTV camera recordings have also been seized," cops said.

The hospital administration have claimed that her baby was stillborn.