Never forget Jayalalithaa's treatment in TN assembly: PM Modi hits out at DMK

During a public rally in Tamil Nadu's Dharapuram on March 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said to insult women is part of Congress-DMK culture. "These days Congress and DMK have launched their outdated 2G missile, this had one clear target - the women of Tamil Nadu. To insult women is part of Congress-DMK culture. A few days, one of MLA candidates of DMK, Mr Dindigul Leoni made horrible remarks against women. DMK has done nothing to stop him," PM Modi said. "Young crown prince of DMK, who has sidelined many senior leaders, too made horrible remarks. DMK did nothing to stop him. Never forget March 25, 1989. In Tamil Nadu Assembly, how did DMK leaders treat Amma Jayalalithaa Ji? DMK and Congress will not guarantee women empowerment," he added. The state assembly polls are scheduled to be held in single phase on April 06.