Netizens are horrified over this unseasoned chicken, even joined the debate

The photo is going viral and people are very uncomfortable. (Designed by Rajan Sharma)

People on Twitter are slamming a man for the sorriest chicken dinner ever, as seen in a photo of chicken breasts in an oven but without any seasoning oil to grease the pan. The photo has caught the attention of foodies on the micro-blogging site and dubbed it as "horrifying" and "disgusting".

The photo shared by Twitter user Cori Healey got everyone talking. Posting the photo online, Healey wrote, ""Y'all wanna get upset by the lack of seasoning on my boyfriend’s roommates chicken with me". Summing up how she felt looking at this abomination, she added, "I am DISTRAUGHT."

With over 61,000 likes, the tweet has triggered lots of memes and jokes. Even joined in the debate.