Netizens agree as Omar Abdullah shares message that says barbers should be ‘essential service’

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Omar Abdullah's latest social media post on lockdown left Twitterati in splits. (Omar Abdullah/ Twitter)

Many are finding solace in humour during the three-week lockdown in India, and since his release National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has been tickling the funny bone of people often with his "tips on surviving quarantine or a lockdown". Now Abdullah has shared a bitmoji of himself and a message that jokingly says barbers should be an 'essential service' .

The message that the National Conference leader shared read: "Govt should add barbers to essential service list, otherwise after quarantine there will be Omar Abdullah in every house [sic]." It was a reference to his long beard that grew while he was in captivity following the abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution, creating a buzz on social media.

After his release, the National Conference leader also shared an image of himself along with his parents. While many agreed with the  statement on barbers, others said beards are cool.

Surprisngly, Abdullah's joke is not restricted to just the virtual world. In Chandigarh, many VIPs bombarded the UT officers for curfew exemption for reasons like allowing a pass to vendor making fresh fruit juice, taking dogs out for a stroll and allowing their barbers to come to their residence.

Following his release after seven months, Abdullah took to social media to share some jokes to help people get through these trying times. Earlier this week, the politician had shared another meme featuring him.