Netflix is working on a 'random episode' play button on the app: Report

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Netflix has also been testing mobile-only subscription plans in India starting at Rs 65 a week.

If you know what to watch on Netflix then it's completely fine, but those who don't know what to watch after a long day at work, the streaming service is reportedly testing a new random play button.

As spotted by Android Police, Netflix is testing the 'Random Episode' button that allows you to randomly select something to watch. The button is tucked in the playback controls where a shuffle icon has the said label on it.

It is currently seen on the Netflix Android app, specifically, v7.6.0 build 19 34157. It is unclear if the feature will be rolled out to a wider audience.

Separately, earlier this month Netflix also started >testing mobile-only subscription plans in India, starting at Rs 65 per week.

Essentially, for users who only or mostly consume Netflix on their smartphones or tablets, they can subscribe to a dedicated mobile only plan, which will be renewed on a weekly basis. So if you are traveling for a week, and want to catch up on Netflix shows in those few days, this plan would work perfectly for you. Notably, though, not all users are able to see the weekly plan yet.

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