Netflix submits response to NCPCR over 'inappropriate' depiction of children in 'Bombay Begums'

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New Delhi, Mar 12 (PTI) Content streaming platform Netflix has submitted its response to the NCPCR over alleged inappropriate depiction of children in its series 'Bombay Begums' and sought more time to examine the matter and address the concerns, apex child rights body chairperson Priyank Kanoongo said on Friday.

Kanoongo told PTI that a senior official of Netflix met him in person and submitted a written explanation which is being examined.

'The series Bombay Begums has to be removed. There are no two ways about it. We have just given them time till Tuesday that Netflix can look into the matter,' Kanoongo said.

The policy head of Netflix further requested that the platform would like to have a meeting with the commission which will include the content team, he said.

The request was acceded to and the meeting is scheduled for 11.30 am on Tuesday, Kanoongo said.

The National Commission For Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has sought to stop the streaming of 'Bombay Begums' series for allegedly inappropriately portraying children.

In a notice to Netflix issued on Thursday, the NCPCR has asked the content streaming platform to furnish a detailed action report within 24 hours, failing which it said that it will be constrained to initiate appropriate action pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005.

Objecting to the alleged inappropriate portrayal of children in the series, the commission said such content will pollute the young minds of children, and may also result in their abuse and exploitation at the hands of perpetrators and offenders.

The commission took action in response to a complaint, which alleged that the series normalises minors indulging in casual sex and drug abuse.

The show delves into the lives of five women from different sections of society, who all want different things in life. PTI UZM RHL