Netflix India, Hotstar had a banter about relationship online and it was hilarious!

Have you been cheating in your relationship with your favourite streaming service?

In the age of Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel, navigating through the complex maze of relationships may not be easy. Perhaps the only long-term relationship many in today’s world have is the one with their streaming service! Yes, for all the love for binge-watching with a plethora of options, it might be true for many online. This was exactly what Netflix India pointed out recently. And one user, who although agreed about his relationship with the service, pleaded guilty of cheating. And things took a rather hilarious turn on Twitter.

Listing various reasons to confirm the relationship, Netflix India wrote, "Hate to break it to you, but we may be in a serious relationship."

Twitter user @marathimanu replied to the comment said he has been cheating with Hotstar!

Like any relationship, cheating too did not go down well. Both Netflix and Hotstar were a little jealous and fired shots at each other, well at least with some witty tweets. Although the person responsible for the banter disappeared from the scene, the two services decided to show who’s the boss online — leaving others in splits.

Other users also joined in the banter and some tagged Amazon Prime Video too. Now, the hilarious thread is going viral.