UP Neta Mukut B Verma: Media should create a peaceful environment instead of showing pain & suffering

Responding to a question about mismanagement in the handling of the COVID situation in Farukhabad district, U.P. minister Mukut Bihari Verma said that he wants the press to deflect people's attention from pain and suffering. Moreover, he asserted that he essentially wants the media to create an atmosphere where people forget about their pain and live in peace. Lucknow Bureau Chief Amir Haque says it is imperative for the Minister to understand that these are extremely tough times. There are people who have lost their loved ones not just to COVID, but because of mismanagement, apathy and negligence and any kind of positive atmosphere will not help these people get their loved ones back. The media's job is to show ground reality, and currently, that ground reality is unsettling and disturbing.