Nepal ruling party's secretariat meeting ended abruptly after PM Oli left midway

Kathmandu [Nepal], May 7 (ANI): The Nepal Communist Party's Secretariat meeting, which was called to discuss a way forward, has seen an abrupt end after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli walked out from the meeting.

The meeting on Wednesday was called to chalk out the agendas to be discussed during Thursday's meeting. However, the meet ended without any decision taken.

The last meeting had agreed to take party vice-chair Bamdev Gautam to the lower house of the Federal Parliament at an appropriate time later. The decision was forwarded in an effort to settle long-standing disputes within the party.

"Discussion was going on about issues that should be presented on Thursday's meeting. But Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli walked out from the meeting owing to his health condition, the atmosphere was quite heated during the discussion," Source from PM's Secretariat confirmed ANI.

"After he walked out, other members of the secretariat didn't know what to do. Then, Co-chair of the party, Pushpa Kamal Dahal went off to discuss with PM about it," the source added.

Dissatisfaction with the working style of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli who always has been making unilateral decisions had turned leaders inside the party against him. (ANI)