Nepal man eater tiger moved into Zoo from National Park after 2 killed in attacks

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Representative image
Representative image

Lalitpur [Nepal] April 7, (ANI): Nepal authorities have transferred a 10-year-old male man-eater tiger from the Bardiya National Park to the Central Zoo in Kathmandu after it attacked and killed two people in recent weeks.

The 10-year-old tiger was ferried via road to the zoo situated in Jawalakhel in Lalitpur district from Bardiya, which is about 400 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu

"We brought the tiger from Baridya National Park, it took us almost an entire day to bring it to the Central Zoo," Lina Chalise, spokesperson for Central Zoo, Lalitpur told ANI.

The tiger, which now remains in an enclosure of Central Zoo, had attacked a 34-year-old mahout working for the Rhinoceros census at the Bardiya National Park earlier this week.

"It is believed that one man-eater tiger that was wreaking havoc in and around Bardiya National Park, recently attacked one of our elephant staff (mahout), causing his death. Later on the same day, the tiger was caught," Chalise added.

Over the past few weeks, authorities have darted and captured four tigers at the Bardiya National Park, which is one of the well-known areas for tiger sighting, and have been reporting incidents of attacks on humans.

As per official data, a total number of 10 people have died due to attacks by tigers in recent years.

Government officials said that the increased tiger population in Nepal could be one of the reasons behind the rise in tiger attacks on humans.

Official data shows a record of 87 tigers in 2018 in the Bardiya National Park, compared to 50 tigers in 2013. (ANI)