Nepal: Man-eater Tiger moved into Central Zoo from National Park

A man-eating tiger that has attacked many people has been transferred from Bardiya National Park to the Central Zoo in Jawalakhel of Lalitpur District in Nepal. The Nepal authorities took the tiger via road to Lalitpur from Bardiyawhich lies at distance of about 400 kilometers from capital Kathmandu. Earlier this week, the tiger attacked and killed a 34 year old mahout working for the Rhinoceros census at the Bardiya National Park. As per the official data, about 10 people already have fell prey to Panthera Tigris in recent years. Government officials said the increased tiger population in Nepal was one of the reasons behind the rise in tiger attacks on humans. Official data showed there were 87 tigers in 2018 in Bardiya National Park, compared to 50 in 2013.