Nenorakam movie review roundup: Sairam's film gets mixed verdict, average ratings from critics

Shekhar H Hooli
Nenorakam, Sairam Shakar, Reshmi Menon

Director Sudarshan Salendra's Telugu movie Nenorakam starring Sairam Shakar and Reshmi Menon hit the marquee on Friday, and has received mixed verdict and average ratings from critics.

Nenorakam is a romantic action drama inspired from some real-life incidents. Gautam (Sairam Shakar) is an orphan, who works as a loan recovery agent. He falls in love with Swecha (Reshmi Menon) and tells some lies to impress. Soon, Swecha is kidnapped and Gautam starts getting threatening calls from the kidnapper. What happens next forms the crux of the film's story.

Director Sudarshan has done a good job in terms of its script and its execution. The first half of the movie lacks an interesting story, but some romantic moments and songs keep the viewers engaged. The twist before the interval gains a momentum for the story and the second half is thrilling and the element of suspense is the attraction in this part, say critics.

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Sairam Shankar and Reshmi Menon have delivered good performances and the chemistry between the two is one of the highlights of Nenorakam. The performance of Sarath Kumar, who has played a key role, is another highlight of the flick. MS Narayana, Pruvdi, Kasi Vishwanath, Tagubotu Ramesh, Viva Harsha and Madhu Nandan have done justice to their roles, say critics.

Mahith Narayan has composed music for the songs and background score, while Siddharth has handled cinematography for Nenorakam. It has been produced by Srikanth Reddy.

The movie has good production values, and music and picturisation are the big attractions on the technical field, add critics. Continue to read some critics' verdict and ratings in Nenorakam movie review roundup:

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123 Telugu Rating: 3

Nenorakam is surely a better film when compared to Sairam Shankar's previous duds. The suspense-filled second half and kidnap drama are good assets. But, it is the first half which is slightly below par. If you manage to sit through this routine and mundane part, this film ends up as a decent watch for the rest of the time.

AP Herald Ratings: 2

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Nenorakam is different from the other routine films. There is a lot of good and interesting stuff that appeal the audiences to a greater extent. It is surely going to bring some good name for Sai Ramshankar as an actor. The first half of the movie is loaded with romantic track of hero trying to impress actress with lies and finally having a interval twist, which connects to the audience well. The movie is about social basic problem which the parents are facing in recent trends.

India Glitz Ratings: 3

Nenorakam is a rom-com in the first half and a thriller in the second. Director Sudarshan Salendra gets to work with good artistes and technical team. All in all, despite some hiccups and hackneyed elements, this film works at a level.

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