There should be neither imposition nor opposition to any language: VP Naidu

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu called upon the people to learn as many languages as possible and asserted that there should not be the imposition of any language, nor should there be opposition to any particular language. Interacting with the students from of a Karnataka school, who had returned recently after visiting National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other places in the United States, Naidu stressed that India was blessed with many languages and asked students and teachers to give importance to promoting mother tongue, while learning other languages. Describing travelling as a form of education and good learning experience, the Vice President advised the students to visit all the major tourist places within India to get acquainted with various facets of India's culture, heritage, languages and cuisine and enhance their understanding of India's unique cultural mosaic. "Before going out, look within and enhance your knowledge," he added. Referring to the call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking people to visit 15 tourist places in India by 2022 to give a boost to the domestic tourism, Naidu advised them to visit historic, spiritual, scenic tourist places in India and explore the cultural heritage of India. "Such visits will enhance your knowledge and give you an insight into our past," he said.