Neha Kakkar Had A Huge Fight With Alleged Boyfriend Himansh Kohli, His Sweet Apology Won Our Hearts

Though Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli have always maintained their ‘bestie’ status, their social media PDA leave us no choice but to believe their dating speculations to be true. After the couple celebrated Valentine's week together, the rumours of them dating started doing the rounds, and ever since then, it is getting fueled with every passing day.

Seems like the alleged couple experienced a rough patch in their relationship when Himansh went on to behave rudely with Neha a few days back. Neha took her Instagram to share the disappointment in her bestie, and wrote, "I gave you my everything! Love, care, time, happiness, respect, skills, knowledge, positivity, I shared my people, my contacts, my fans even my hard-earned fame with you.” (Also Read: Neha Kakkar And Himansh Kohli's Dating News Made Their Parents Believe That They Are Married)

It further stated, “And in return you forgot everything in seconds which gave me a hard time, this made me cry many times when where I shouldn't have but now this is my reply to you. Good Bye!! God Bless!!" Though Neha has deleted the post now, here’s the screenshot of what she posted.

But there’s no need to get disheartened as all is now well between the alleged lovebirds. You all guys can cheer up because, after their recent fight, Himansh shared a heartfelt note to apologise to his bestie, Neha on social media. Himansh shared a lovely picture of the two, and captioned it, "I'm sorry for behaving rude the other day... but our bond is not that weak that a silly thing will spoil our relationship... Nehu you're my strength, my angel... if you only wouldn't understand me who else will? Anyway... all I know is that I love you and always will!" (You May Also Like To Read: Saif Once Revealed How His Ex-Wife, Amrita Singh Used To Abuse His Mother Sharmila And Sister Soha)

Neha quickly accepted her ‘bestie’, Himansh’s apology and responded, "I'm sorry, He-Man, I shouldn't have reacted this way but when you love someone so bad, you can't see them behaving rude with you. Sorry, love you too." Not only Neha, but her close friend, Badshah too commented on Himansh’s post and wrote, “Yaar lado mat. Tum dono hi udaas ache nai lagte”.

On June 6, 2018, i.e. Neha Kakkar’s 30th birthday, Himansh took his Instagram to wish his alleged girlfriend on her birthday and shared a super-adorable picture of them taken at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. The Yaariyan actor captioned the picture as, “Tu Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull #HappyBirthdayBestie Love You @nehakakkar #NehaKakkar #TheCutest”. And he also gave a midnight birthday surprise to Neha, which left us in happy tears. (Also Read: Himansh Kohli Surprises His Alleged Girlfriend Neha Kakkar On Her Birthday, Leaving Her Teary-Eyed)

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Himansh talked about how their 'jodi is working' and said, “She is a very, very dear friend to me. We have been working together for quite a long time now. Our first association was with the song Sunny Sunny, maybe some people started talking about us since then.” He further added, “We are strictly best friends! It is very good to hear from people such good comments about us and about our chemistry. People are liking us together. Jodi is working.”

Neha called themselves as 'humsafars' and was quoted as saying, “Rumours around our bond are true. We became great friends right after Yaariyan. And now, we have become ‘Humsafars’ since we travel together for work.” When the Oh Humsafar couple was in Delhi to promote their song, they joked about how speculations are doing the rounds bout their relationship.

Himanshu laughed, "Abhi kuch logon ko yeh lag raha hoga ki Delhi Times humara wedding shoot kar raha hai." To which, Neha quickly continued, "I like wearing a ring on my ring finger, so people think that we are engaged. Par aisa kuch nahi hai." (Also Read: Himansh Kohli Is Madly In Love With Neha Kakkar, Kisses Her In Instagram Story)

Neha Kakkar further added, "I once joked in an interview that we are together, and the news article that was published read that I have accepted that we are together, but we are not. Hum bahut achhe dost hain, hum best friends hain. We are #bffs, bestie hai Himansh mera.” They also talked about getting trolled by each other’s fans.

Neha shared, "Himansh is getting trolled right, left and centre because of me. My male fans have been trolling him and I think it is vice versa. Iski female fans mujhe troll karti hain." To which Himansh stated, "Woh itna nahi karti. But I am being trolled especially by her fans from Punjab. Mujhe aisa lagta hai saara Punjab mere peeche padh gaya hai. Dar lagta hai mujhe, Punjab nahi jaunga main." (Recommened Read: 11 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse During A Fight)

Himansh recalled an incident about the same, and shared, "We had posted a picture together jis mein mera haath Neha ke shoulder pe tha, us pe comment tha, 'Haath hata, hata'. I was like, haath hi toh rakha hua hai normally, par log itne emotional ho jaate hain ki woh Neha Kakkar hai." Neha went on to say on this, "Our fans love us so much. Bahut achha lagta hai jab log comment karte hain, 'best couple', 'couple goals'. Hum humesha try, try nahi hum humesha saath rahenge. I want to tell the whole world that it is not that you can only have the best jodi with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can have it with your best friend as well."

All the #Nehansh fans are now delighted with the news that all is well between their favourite couple, Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli.We wish them all the very best!

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