Neha Dhupia is Loving Her Full Time Mommy Duties During Quarantine

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On 23 March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown, until 14 April, to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country, which means all of us will be quarantined at home for some time to come.

The Quint got in touch with Neha Dhupia who told us what’s her routine like as she stays indoors with her quarantine partner, her husband Angad Bedi, and daughter Mehr. We got her to answer The Quint’s 20 quarantine questions, and here’s what she had to say.

What are you currently watching?

Special Ops is something we finished watching on Hotstar. We just started watching The Crown. I can’t believe we have been so late. That’s a huge recommendation. There is another lovely show called Unbelievable, which is I think on Netflix, and also The Test which is about the Australian test team.

Who is your quarantine companion?

My huband Angad and my daughter Mehr.

One thing social distancing made you realise?

I would always tell this to Angad and everyone around me that all you need is love. So I am just happy that I am surrounded with family. I am a working mom so concentrated time with my daughter is something that I an really enjoying every bit of.

Your favourite corner in the house and why?

The nursery in our house is my favourite corner because I get to see her and she also gets a sense of space.  And she always welcomes saying ‘come come’. So she calls us in.

A tip to make working from home work?

Look at the bright side. We are all people who are used to working. At this point if you have anything constructive, fruitful, effective to do as far as work is concerned, make the most of it.

One thing you missed doing and are doing a lot these days?

Cleaning my wardrobe, spending time in the kitchen. My skill set is not so great and I like de-cluttering a lot. So, yeah, I do a lot of it.

A new hobby/talent you may have picked up during this time?

I didn’t think I would be such a good storyteller to my daughter. I have been doing things to keep my daughter busy. I wouldn’t say it’s a hobby but just getting creative with things lying around the house. She is not only doing art and craft but using a make-up sponge. We didn’t have paint brushes so we were dipping it in paint and using it or just cutting a vegetable and using the other side of the ladyfinger. That’s something I had learnt from my mom many many years ago when I was a kid.

Quarantine fashion?

I think my quarantine fashion started off with pajamas and not bothering. You know just chilling out in like old pieces of clothing that are super comfortable in this humid weather. But now I almost feel like I want to dress up. I was telling Angad the other day that let’s go out on a dinner date from the bedroom. Like you come out of one and I come out of the other and we get dressed. You know we just dress-up for each other. So usually it would be pajamas but now I feel like it’s time to take it up a notch.

Tips on how to NOT put on weight while you stay at home?

The one thing that I would always do as far as staying fit is concerned is go for a run. So it’s really hard for me to practice that. The one thing I am doing is doing yoga on Facetime. I have a lovely instructor. So yeah, social distancing and making sure your health is intact.

Your reliable news source today?

Would I dare say anything apart from The Quint. But yes, there is The Quint, TOI and a couple of apps. We have a family group and my brother is always awake before me so he puts out the information on the group.

One word for WhatsApp (fake) remedies to fight Coronavirus?

A, It’s annoying and B, nothing comes out of it.

Why is social distancing the need of the hour, according to you?

People need to understand it’s a tough one to follow not just in our country but anywhere else. But people need to understand  the intensity. Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

Toughest thing about staying at home?

The toughest thing about staying at home is the little things that we always took for granted. Not being able to step out, not being able to see your friends, not being able to go back to work and your routine.

Any message to fans?

This is a message to everyone. Guys, this is a tough time not just for you, not just for me, not just for everyone around us but this is a tough time for humanity, for mankind. The one thing that you do need to do is practice social distancing. Wash your hands. You know the drill exactly how to do it. I send my love to all of you. Stay healthy, stay happy and stay at home.

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