NEET 2021 Exams Announced To Be On 12 Sept, Application Started! Here's Last 60 Days Key Study Plan

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Finally, the date for the much-awaited NEET (UG) 2021 examinations has been declared, which is September 12, 2021. The application process is slated to commence from July 13.

NEET is the gateway to getting a seat in the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. It requires extensive preparation and is regarded as one of the most competitive examinations. Students typically start preparations at least a year in advance, if not more. The final stretch, that is, the last few months, is extremely important for students to step up their preparation.

NEET preparation requires rigorous preparation and meticulous planning. Here are some tips which can help students accelerate their exam prep in the last few months.

1. Know the syllabus Having access to the updated syllabus is extremely important as otherwise, students may end up missing important topics or preparing for topics that are not so important. Every topic has due weightage and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Students should first chart out the full syllabus and then craft a detailed study plan which incorporates all the important topics, time that needs to be allotted per topic, weightage in the examination, their own strengths in those topics.

Creating such a plan is important as it acts as a guiding document for overall NEET preparation. It is unique for every student and is designed keeping in mind the student's overall strengths and weaknesses.

2. Test Yourself Through Self-Assessment Rigorous practice and assessment are reliable techniques to assess the level of preparation for a particular topic. Any robust study plan accommodates for adequate self-assessment. Students should use the self-assessment tools for evaluating areas in which they can improve, the weightage of topics in which they have not scored high, and implement correctional strategies.

Oswaal NEET-UG Mock Test, 15 Sample Question Papers, is a must-have resource for self-assessment for NEET. Available in a single volume for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, it has 15 sample papers for exhaustive self-assessment. It also has Answer Key with Explanations, giving students a chance to understand where they went wrong.

These sample question papers help students to decode the exam pattern and enable them to stay ahead of exam paper trends with subjective analysis. Along with unique pedagogical features like Mind Maps, Mnemonics, Revision Notes, and Concept Videos, this book is a must-have resource to execute your NEET exam preparation.

Here's the recommended link for NEET-UG 2021 Mock Test Sample Papers 2021: 3. Solve Every Question Typology (Chapter-wise Topic-wise) Crafting the right examination strategy also includes the ability to solve every type of question. The actual test of conceptual understanding is the problem-solving ability, and students need to hone this skill by practicing the different question types that are part of NEET.

Oswaal NEET (UG) Solved Papers Chapter-wise & Topic-wise is a top-notch resource for NEET preparation as it has solved papers for the past 33 years, from 1998 to 2020, giving students access to the largest and most exhaustive question bank for NEET and building their ability to solve every type of question.

It also has an analytical report of previous years' question papers, allowing candidates to do a detailed analysis of the correct answering strategies. It also includes concept-based revision notes, explanatory videos based on quick learning via QR Codes Here's the recommended link for NEET Question Banks 2021 | Previous Years Solved Question Papers: 4. Plan Section Wise Routine & Manage Time Well Having a pragmatic and realistic schedule is important as it will help students assess their progress, both during preparation and during the actual examination.

Students should prepare a schedule for completing the syllabus phase-wise and set apart adequate time for revision. Students should consider the interconnectivity of topics, difficulty level, and weightage of topics in the exam while preparing the schedule.

5. Pick Up Right Study Material, Prepare Notes Having access to high-quality study materials is essential. The right resources can increase the chances of getting high scores in a highly competitive examination such as NEET. Along with the right resources, students should prepare their own notes to ensure quick revision.

Topper's Handbook for Classes 11 & 12 for NEET Entrance Exams is a top-quality resource for NEET exam preparation. Designed as a compact reference book, it is useful for chapter-wise & topic-wise preparation. It acts as a universal reckoner for students at every stage of their study. Available for Physics, Chemistry (Organic & Inorganic), Mathematics, and Biology, the book is full of exam tools like Concepts Clarified, Important Formulae, Mind / Concept Maps, which enhance conceptual understanding.

6. Relax, Exercise & Meditate NEET preparation can be very hectic and draining. It is essential that students find time to pursue time-bound leisure activities. Taking adequate breaks, sleeping well and eating appropriately can boost memory, enhance retention and improve the quality of studying.

Building in sufficient relaxation time is essential for a well-balanced preparation strategy. Students need to find time to recharge and build their mental strength.

Conclusion To secure high scores in a highly competitive examination like NEET, students need a combination of the right enablers, the right resources, the correct exam strategy, enough practice, and adequate rest. Overall, consistency is vital. If students are able to adhere to a well-crafted study plan and demonstrate incremental improvements every day, they will undoubtedly get high scores in NEET.


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