NEET 2017: Important topics for NEET UG exam 2017

Pooja Mathur
NEET Results 2017 expected this week, Extra 8 marks for ambiguous questions to be awarded by CBSE not confirmed, experts confident.

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test undergraduate exam (NEET -UG)  exam will be conducted on May 7, 2017. The NEET exam is one of toughest  exam for the medical aspirants. With the NEET exam scheduled exactly a month way, aspirants will  need to prepare for all important topics for various sections like Physics, Biology and Chemistry. For the biology section for the NEET 2017 exam the important topics for biology and zoology includes Biological classification, principles of inheritance and variation, Morphology of flowering plants, cell: the unit of life, Animal Kingdom, Reproduction, ecosystems, Molecular basis of inheritance, Human Health and Diseased, Body Fluids and Circulation, Neural Control and Coordination, Biotechnology: Principles and Processed, Anatomy of Flowers, Locomotion and  Movement.

The aspirants should also focus on Microbes in Human Welfare, Photosynthesis, Chemical Coordination and Integration, Evolution, Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Biomolecules, Organisms and Populations, Structural Organization in Animals, Cell Cycle and Division, Biotechnology and its applications, Strategies for enhancement in Food Production, Digestion and Absorption, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, Breathing and Exchange of Gases and Plant Growth and Development. ALSO READ: NEET 2017 Admit Cards: What students need to know

For the Physics section the important topics which the students will need to prepare include the Mechanical properties of solids and fluids. The major topics which the students will need to include are Mechanical property which will be given 11 % weightage  of NEET topics in NEET 2016, while current electricity will be given 8.9%.  About 6.7% weightage will be given to Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation, Magnetism & Moving Charges, Thermodynamics, Rigid Body Dynamics, Work, Energy and Power. ALSO READ: NEET 2017: Students in Maharashtra unhappy over allotment of centres

About 4.4% weightage is given to Planar Motion, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Kinetic theory & Thermal properties of matter, Atomic Study, Oscillation, Gravitation. While 2.2% wightage will be given to Kinematics, Alternating Current, Waves, Electrical Field, Capacitance & Electrical Potential, Semiconductors, Laws of Motion.For the Chemistry section, 11% weightage will be given to P-B;Block Elements, 13 % weightage will be given to basic concepts. The other important topics will be  of Equillibrium, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds, Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry among others.