NEC Corporation showcases smart digital solutions at iExpo in Tokyo

Tokyo, Nov 7 (PTI) Japan-based NEC Corporation on Wednesday showcased a number of smart digital solutions aimed at providing better financial services and delivering upgraded facilities at places like airports, shopping centres, offices and hotels at the ongoing NEC UF iExpo event here.

At the two-day industry event which began on Wednesday, the company showcased a number of new age solutions including one that identifies a walking person with high accuracy by just using his/her iris.

NEC said this new age technology can reduce the time taken at the immigration centres at the airport to identify the passengers. If the iris is registered, then the device takes less then five seconds to identify the person, the company said.

Referring to India, a company official said, in India a lot of new airports are coming up which would see huge passenger movement in future and a technology like this can make the movement smoother.

Besides, NEC's 'Banking As A Service' aims to provide financial service providers with a suite of innovative solutions.

For transactions at the ATMs, the company showcased its Digital ID solution. 'It is a cloud-based facial authentication solution with liveness detection which forms part of its Biometric Digital Identity Service (BDIS) and allows users to withdraw money from different banks ATMs with only their face,' NEC said.

The company said its 'Shelf monitoring service' allows a store owner to keep a watch on the items which have been sold, helps in digital payments, and automatically updates on the number of items sold.

'With the rise in security risks and the need to develop new, unique products for customers, banks and service providers worldwide have to be agile to succeed in this digital age,' said Daichi Iwata, Director, Digital Integration Division, NEC Corporation.

The company said its Bio-IDiom Lineup solution includes face recognition, finger vein recognition, finger/palm print recognition, voice recognition and ear acoustic recognition. The solutions can help in providing upgraded facilities at shopping centres, offices, hotels etc.

NEC's AI Analysis for road degradation solution can help in identifying the roads having cracks. This solution is best for civic bodies as the AI technology can automatically calculate the crack percentage and flatness of the road.

NEC Corporation has over 98,000 employees and operations in Public, Enterprise, Telecom Carrier, System Platform and various other sectors in over 168 countries and territories including India. PTI ABI DRR

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