Minor's rape case in Udaipur: NCPCR sends notice to Rajasthan government

News coming from Rajasthan, this is a Times Now impact story. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sent notice to the Rajasthan government regarding the Udaipur minor rape case. Remember Times Now was the first channel to show the law and order situation under the Gehlot government. Nine minor has been raped in last days alone. Speaking about this issue Times Now Political Analyst Shehzad Poonawala said that, the NCPR body that has been mandated with the protection of child lives across India, has now taken it upon itself slow moto to issue notices to the Rajasthan Police. One is a notice issued on the rape of a young minor girl in Udaipur. This is the home district of Ashok Gehlot. Watch the video to know more !

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