Nawaz Sharif's first speech as Pak PM to be 'full of surprises'

Lahore, May 30 (ANI): Nawaz Sharif will have some surprises in store when he delivers his first speech as prime minister after taking oath on June 5, according to sources.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Sharif (PML-N) chief presided over a high level party meeting at his residence in Raiwind where the senior leadership of his party helped him draft his speech, reports The Express Tribune.

In his first address, Sharif will present his 30-day plan, which includes cuts in non-development expenditure of up to 30 percent, including a reduction in the expenses of the central government.

Sharif will talk about plans to ensure good governance, which will include the formation of a small cabinet with around 25 members in the Centre, a cut in the purchase of new vehicles, furniture for offices and renovation funds for the official residences of government employees and ministers.

Besides announcing mega development projects across the country, he will also announce a 'strict' decision regarding autonomous bodies that get Rs 500 billion annually as a bailout package from the budget. Sharif will also declare the withdrawal of excessive subsidies.

Sharif is also determined to follow merit in the government recruitment process and will promote punctuality.

He is also expected to give details about the different phases of the plan to decrease load-shedding.

The speech will also include talk of the government's modus operandi for negotiations with the Taliban and the impact on Pakistan of NATO forces' withdrawal from Afganistan. (ANI)