National Press Day 2020 Messages and Wishes Take Over Twitter: Netizens Share Images, Quotes and Greetings For All Journalists and Mediapersons on This Significant Day

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Happy National Press Day to all those working in the field of media and reporting. Amid the festive celebrations of Diwali 2020, November 16 marks the observance of National Press Day in India. This day commemorates the establishment of the Press Council of India. Formed in 1966, the Press Council keeps a check on the quality of reportage by the Indian press. On this day, some netizens have taken to social media to extend their greetings, wishes and messages to all journalists and people of journalism profession. We too have gathered some of National Press Day 2020 wishes and images shared online along with quotes, greetings and messages. #NationalPressDay is among the top trends on Twitter today.

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The Press is considered as the fourth estate. So it holds immense power in influencing public opinion and bringing news to all citizens. At a time when fake news spreads so fast on social media, the press has the responsibility of providing important and real fact-based news to the public. Usually, a lot of events, workshops and programmes are held in spreading awareness about the role of Press in society. Similarly, people are sharing quotes, images, photos and messages to send virtual wishes of National Press Day to everyone. Powerful Quotes And Thoughts to Inspire Budding Journalists In Every Form of Media.

Check Some Tweets and Wishes of National Press Day:
Greetings to all Mediapersons

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Salute to All Media People

Free Press is Important to Democracy

Fourth Pillar of Democracy

The Torch of Press

Best Wishes to All

You too can share these quotes, images and wishes with everyone on social media for National Press Day. To all the media professionals who are continuously working throughout the pandemic tirelessly, wishing you all Happy National Press Day!