National Netball Champion Served Triple Talaq Over Baby Girl

In the latest instance of triple talaq, a national-level Netball player was divorced by her husband for giving birth to a baby girl. Amroha resident Shumayala Javed married Azam Abbasi in April 2014, following which her in-laws allegedly harassed her over dowry.

When Shumayala’s in-laws learnt about her pregnancy, they threatened her with dire consequences if she failed to give birth to a baby boy. Eventually, an ultrasound test confirmed that the seven-time national champion was pregnant with a baby girl.

At the peak of her pregnancy, Shumayala was dragged out of her husband’s house. She was eight months pregnant.

Throughout her stay at Abbasi’s household, Shumayala’s father allegedly doled at least Rs 3 lakhs to her in-laws. She, however, returned to her parents and gave birth to a baby girl under their care. It was then that Abbasi pronounced triple talaq, and refused to take his wife and his daughter back.

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman