National Film Awards 2017: Akshay Kumar wins Best Actor award; twitter blames it on a possible bias!

Akshata Shetty
Is filmmaker Priyadarshan’s presence on the National Film Awards 2017 jury the reason?

The last two years, 2016 and 2017 have been quite favourable for Bollywood action king Akshay Kumar as his previous has been making good numbers at the box office. Rustom and Airlift we not only box office blockbusters but also garnered a lot of critical applause. But the actor didn’t bag a single award for these movies at any of the award shows. But looks like, Akshay’s luck finally turned around and he was honoured as the Best Actor for his role in Rustom at the National Film Awards 2017.

Akshay played the role of a navy officer inspired by the prominent case of Naval Officer K. M. Nanavati shooting his businessman friend Prem Ahuja. Akshay Kumar had perfectly essayed his role as a naval officer, be it with his attitude or the body language. He plays a patriotic officer who has to battle with a dilemma of taking the right decision for the country and also save his personal life too. Today, the whole nation is rejoicing and at the same time surprised with the fact that Akshay bagged a Best Actor award for a film like Rustom. No doubt, Rustom was a good film but we have seen best of Akshay in his other films and Airlift was one of it. (ALSO READ: National Film Awards 2017 Winners List: Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Zaira Wasim win big at the 64th National Awards!)

The social media immediately began pouring in reactions both good and bad for Akshay’s win. Some are glad that at least the actor is getting recognised for his work and other are shocked to the core. The social media is swarmed with negative reactions over Akshay Kumar’s National Award Win. Here are some tweets that reveal how upset the Twitterati is? But one tweet that caught out special attention. A Twitter user posted, “Priyadarshan in the #nationalfilmaward jury. Should we be correlating the facts- all his Hindi films have #AkshayKumar & him getting award?” (ALSO READ: National Film Awards 2017: Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor’s Neerja win big, send twitterati in frenzy!)

Here are few more tweets that you must not miss:

Akshay’s victory was a not a question but the fact that ‘Did he deserve a national award?’ is the concern. Manoj Bajpayee for his role is Aligarh was also nominated for the category and failed to make it to the winner’s list. The director Hansal Mehta expressed his disappointment over the loss. But he is, at the same time, congratulating the winners.

Has Priyadarshan’s presence in the jury really led to this popular bias? Did Akshay really deserve the National award? What is your opinion guys?