National Doctors' Day in US: Heart-Wrenching Videos of Doctors Fighting Coronavirus Pandemic That Will Make You Believe that Angels Are Real

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It is National Doctors' Day celebrated today, March 30 in the US. The day recognizes the contributions of physicians that know no bounds. There is no better time to celebrate the day than this year when the world is hit by a pandemic and doctors have shown a 100 percent dedication towards their duty. The total number of people tested positive for coronavirus is 738,453 as we write this. 35,004 people have died because of the pandemic. A whopping 156,306 people have also recovered from COVID-19 because of doctors working tirelessly, putting their lives at risk so that you can stay at home SAFE!

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Doctors all over the world are sacrificing their safety to make sure that the rest of us are safe. Medical professionals have been working 24X7 to try and contain the contagious disease while urging us consistently to not leave the house. Just recently, pictures of doctors having scars all over their faces because of wearing masks and other protective gear all the time went viral. It clearly indicates that doctors don't want to take an option of what we call #QuarantineAndChill. Coronavirus in France: Citizens Pay Nightly Tribute to Medical Heroes Fighting the Pandemic by Clapping for Them Every Night From Balconies (Watch Videos).

Although, people all around the world have rendered their respects to the doctors, by clapping, cheering and appreciating the medical staff, that is not enough considering some of the doctors aren't even able to see their families. This National Doctors' Day is a tough time for each one of them. Some of them are even losing their lives to coronavirus because of treating other COVID-19 patients. Over 50 doctors have been tested positive for coronavirus while fighting the pandemic like heroes. This surely has to be the epitome of humanity and selflessness. For the people who still don't understand the contribution of the doctors in this testing time, here are some of the heart-melting viral videos of doctors that will full you with sentiments.

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NYC Surgeon's Viral Tweet

Yesterday, a tweet by a surgeon from New York City who is also a mother broke hearts on Twitter. She has been working tirelessly fighting the novel coronavirus and the hero shared a message on Twitter for her kids and it is heart-wrenching. Surgeon, Cornelia Griggs took to Twitter to post a picture of her wearing protective gear and wrote, "My babies are too young to read this now. And they’d barely recognize me in my gear. But if they lose me to Covid-19, I want them to know Mommy tried really hard to do her job. #GetMePPE #NYC." View Post:

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Doctor Breaks Down

In a recent heart-breaking video going viral on social media, a doctor breaks down while having to stop his son from hugging him after his shift during COVID-19 outbreak. He has been identified as doctor Nasser Ali Al Shahrani. He was returning to his family after a shift fighting the coronavirus when his child runs to hug him. But he stops his son BUT also breaks into tears. The emotional video has gone viral on social media. Watch Video:

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Doctor's House Destroyed By a Tornado While He Hasn't Seen His Family For Weeks FIghting COVID-19

Just recently, Dr Jared Burks' video had gone viral while he was not able to meet his family while fighting the coronavirus. A recent update says that, a tornado that hit northeast Arkansas on Saturday destroyed the home of a family. The home is the same that can be seen in the picture. Jared Burks hadn’t seen his family in two weeks as he works in the emergency rooms and his family has decided to quarantine apart from each other to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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While citizens are trying their best to pay tributes to the doctors, it is surely not enough. Just recently videos of nightly tribute to medical heroes were going viral on Twitter. To value their efforts in fighting this pandemic, citizens have decided to offer nightly tributes regularly. Every night, citizens open their windows and balconies and express gratitude by clapping for the medical heroes.

On March 26 the U.K. residents got together to clap for the NHS (National Health Service) at 8 p.m. from their homes, gardens, and balconies while maintaining social distancing. Closer to home in India, March 22, 2020, saw thousands of people in India observe the Janata Curfew in India, where people voluntarily stayed in throughout the day. However, at 5 PM, residents from almost everywhere came out in their windows/balconies to clap, play utensils, conches to appreciate the efforts of hardworking medical professionals and other essential services staff.

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