‘Nasty Politics Taking Root in India’: Rahul Gandhi in Singapore

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    There was a comedy show, for which RAHUL from CONGI, participated n show there,... ;). He won the last price. His aim is to get Oscar in comedy category.
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    RAHUL GANDHI grow up, pls dont make our country down in the world where we have achieved a good place. Now no one looks down on us so let it be that way pls. stop your jokes. u dont care for our country that is why u were busy in Italy when ur party needed u the most when 3 states elections were out and as your presence was not there so they couldnt form the government.
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    People abroad seem to have fun with this. He is continuously harming India's image abroad.
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    Please dont spoil Indias image.Who gave you the birth right to spoil and hurt india sentiments on foreign soil.You and your party is on the verge of extinction.Inshallah it will happen soon.Congress will be extinct like dinasaurs.
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    "...atmosphere of "intimidation" in India where there is politics of dividing people and using their anger to win elections."
    - Using people's anger? {or creating anger in people's minds?!}, there has been conspiracy doing the rounds {latest, we experienced in Gujarat,Maharashtra & now Karnatak}. What these hooligans are upto!? We, the people of India, warn you to avert to this type of politics {lest getting such to ashes!}. Just proved the mettle in Tripura,Nagaland!
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    Nasty Politics Taking Root in India’: Rahul Gandhi
    - Yes, definitely agreed RaGa............the strange thing is that you are unfortunately a part of the conspiracy being hatched, everywhere?! & we are going to give you back, nicely {mind it: the UP,Jharkhand,Maharashtra,Arunachal Pradesh,Assam,Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalay elections}!
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    Bengal Tiger
    Which Idiot Invited this no. Uno Idiot from India top Singapore.????