Nasha Movie Review editorial
Nasha Movie Review

By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial

Having worked up a bad press for herself over the last few years, one has a set image of Poonam Pandey. So I walk in to watch her debut film NASHAA not expecting much. Surprisingly, the girl is not bad and the film is not tacky either. Performances from the young cast deserve special mention. Each one of them excels in their own inimitable way. As for Poonam, she is a decent actor who has a good screen presence. She is able to carry off scenes without being self-conscious. And that is a huge plus for someone who has created an image of a porn star for herself.What will be a disappointment for the teenagers though will be the absence of excess skin show. There's not much considering it is a Poonam Pandey debut. The girl is smart: Like Sunny Leone, she has not allowed herself to be exploited with unnecessary scenes. This works well for the film. It is slow, has its moments of 'youthful madness', and touches on the average issues of an 18-year-old boy madly in love with his teacher.Director Amit Saxena succeeds is telling a story from an 18-year-old's perspective. Saxena deals with the plot with a mature hand giving every character a chance to perform. Be it Shivam Patil, the lad with the 'hots' for his teacher, his girlfriend, or his friends. Even the guy who plays Poonam's boyfriend dishes out an intense performance giving the film another layer altogether. If you thought 18-year-old's had a problem, then you have to watch this 33-year-old!Saxena establishes the motives of his characters early on. He is also helped with some soulful background music. There is no pretense here; he goes straight on with the subject. Importantly, NASHAA does not end like a typical movie would. It leaves you with a moment of introspection of what could have been.A decent movie, with decent performances and a close-to-home theme. NASHAA is your best bet for this week.

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