NASA Shares Stunning Images of Electric Blue Dunes on Mars

Buzz Staff
·1-min read

A recent photo of Mars shared by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shows that the surface of the Red Plant is indeed blue. In an image that was taken by the Mars Odyssey orbiter shows cerulean blue dunes on the surface of Mars and were captured near the planet’s polar areas.

The image was captured by the Odyssey orbiter using Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) to get a clear and high-definition picture of the dunes. The incredibly detailed image was shared by the American space agency on Thursday along with a post titled ‘Blue Dunes on the Red Planet”.

Two types of dunes can be seen visible in the image – yellowish or orange dunes that signify warmer climates, and bluish or pale, lagoon-like dunes that represent colder climates.

Dunes often accumulate in the floors of craters. According to the agency, the dunes had been shaped by winds into their twisting, serpentine forms. The stunning image is part of a special set of photos to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Odyssey orbiter, which is the longest-working Mars spacecraft in history.

NASA had shared images of blue Martian dunes earlier in 2018. In fact, NASA is a regular with posting breathtaking photos of space and Mars on its website and social media platforms. Earlier this year, the ahency posted some breathtaking images of how the blue planet looks from space. The pictures were captured from a circular glass window that looked out into the gigantic planet around which the ISS is revolving. Captioning the post, NASA presented its followers a brand new point of view and askedto look at the images as if they are an astronaut enjoying their day off.

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