NASA Shares Interesting Facts About ‘Earth's Sister Planet’ Venus on National Siblings Day

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Venus, the second planet from the Sun, is often referred to as Earth’s twin because both worlds share a similar size, surface composition and have an atmosphere with a complex weather system to name a few. Many such interesting facts about our neighbouring planets, their satellites and other celestial space objects are known to us due to various space exploration programmes launched by top space agencies.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), among other independent space agencies of the world, is renowned to share updates and their social media handles are flocked by space enthusiasts. The American space agency often posts amazing pictures and interesting facts about our own planet and outer space.

One such recent post shared on NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory’s Instagram page, commemorating National Sibling Day, shows the similarities and differences between the Blue Planet and our celestial neighbour.

The space agency’s post along with images of the two planets, mentioned that “Earth & Venus” are like human sisters. NASA also mentioned that the two planets share similarities like “similar mass, size, and composition” and their natures can clash wildly as “Venus’ atmosphere would burn and crush us,while Earth is our perfect home”.

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The post also mentioned that users can get the amazing images of the two planets as wallpapers for their mobile devices and tablets, with a URL. The space agency also shared image credit details in the post.

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory’s recent post raked in more than 23,000 likes and counting since going online 15 hours ago. Their post also garnered tons of comments from users, who expressed with their choice of emojis andthoughts about the post.

“So beautiful!” wrote one user. “Charming,” remarked another. “So similar but so different!” shared a user.

Other than appreciative comments, the post also received few funny responses. “How does an observatory on earth capture a photo of earth,” joked one. “Then my bro would be like Venus and I would be like Earth,” said another.

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