NASA Features Incredible Reflection of Milky Way on 'World's Largest Mirror' in Bolivia

NASA has shared a beautiful picture of the Milky Way, which reflected on the ‘world’s largest mirror’.

Clicked by Peruvian photographer Jheison Huerta, the breath taking picture featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day was clicked in the month of the April.

"When I saw the picture, I felt a great emotion," said the photographer. "The first thing that came to my mind was the connection between man and the universe. We are all children of the stars."

Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia is referred as the ‘world’s largest mirror’. This is because the 130-kilometer area is so large and flat that, after a rain, it becomes highly reflective.

National Geographic described the area as a remarkable vista in all of South America. “Stretching more than 4,050 square miles of the Altiplano, it is the world’s largest salt flat, left behind by prehistoric lakes evaporated long ago,” the channel added.

It further explained the phenomenon by saying, “Here, a thick crust of salt extends to the horizon, covered by quilted, polygonal patterns of salt rising from the ground. At certain times of the year, nearby lakes overflow and a thin layer of water transforms the flats into a stunning reflection of the sky.”

Explaining what reflects on World’s largest mirror, NASA said, “What's being reflected in the world's largest mirror? Stars, galaxies, and a planet. Many of these stars are confined to the grand arch that runs across the image, an arch that is the central plane of our home Milky Way Galaxy. Inside the arch is another galaxy - the neighboring Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). Stars that are individually visible include Antares on the far left and Sirius on the far right,” quoted Mirror as saying.

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