NASA's MRO spots a bizarre crater on Mars!

Nupur Jha
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Another new and strange discovery has been made on the Martian surface. A bizarre circular shape has been spotted on Mars' South Polar.

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An image of this mysterious circle was captured by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's (MRO's) HiRISE. Its scaly texture and tiny surrounding pocks on the Red Planet's surface can be observed in the photo.

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NASA has been investigating this bizarre shape, believed to be a huge impact crater.

This finding has gained a lot of attention among astronomers and is giving rise to a lot of speculation.

The data accumulated on Mars through these high-res photos are a crucial part of the ongoing mission to kick-start a human civilisation programme to the Red Planet.

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More money has been provided for the mission and steps are being taken to ensure the safety of the astronauts and scientists who will eventually make the journey.

Scientists have been working on systems that can induce cryostasis, which will allow crews to keep fresh and energetic till they reach their destination.

A report revealed that SpaceWorks Enterprises is already working on ways to create a torpor that will leave spacefarers in a state of hibernation or deep sleep for long timespans. This will probably be possible within the next two decades, according to a report.

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Just like this mysterious circular shape spotted on Mars, various other spectacular structures have been observed which have created quite a stir among UFOlogists and alien hunters.

In captured images three towers were allegedly spotted in Mars' Terra Meridiani region. Estimated to be one-mile tall, they look perfectly symetrical, and equidistant from one another. Conspiracy theorists claim these stunning structures point towards the presence of alien life on the Red Planet.

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