Narottam Mishra talks about introducing Love Jihad law in WB once BJP comes into power

The BJP leader Narottam Mishra just before the Bengal Elections states that Bharitya Janata Party if it comes to power will bring a law against love Jihad in Bengal. The leader in charge of 48 assembly seats has also stated his favour towards incorporating laws for cow protection as well. We are yet to hear from the Trinamool Congress' stand on the new laws. The Trinamool had previously stated that they would not let Bengal become another Gujarat and wouldn't stand behind the BJP applying new laws here as well. The Bengal Government has always been devoid of any need for the new anti Love jihad Law, there have been no demands from the people as well as the Government to incorporate these laws so it would be interesting to watch how the BJP brings that into play for it's advantage. Reactions from the Trinamool Congress and the people of West Bengal are yet to be witnessed about the leader's statement.