Nargis Fakhri rubbishes rumour of marriage with ex-boyfriend Uday Chopra & bashes a daily all in one Tweet!

Aishwarya Krishnan
Nargis bashed a media daily for speculating on her marriage with Uday Chopra and clearly stating her stand on the entire issue and calling out this latest rumour.

Rumours of Nargis Fakhri getting back together with Uday Chopra began floating when the two were spotted together at an airport. However, things went a little too far when a leading media daily said that the Bollywood couple were not only back together but also getting married! Nargis was flooded with questions when pictures of Uday Chopra and Nargis were circulated with speculations of marriage, so much so that the actress was forced to respond to this rumour on Twitter. Nargis bashed the media daily while clearly stating her stand on the entire issue and calling out this latest rumour.

The American model and actress did not take things easily and wrote on Twitter, “Wow u guys really love making stuff up. Now, who started this rumour. I think u r dying for me to marry someone.” The Banjo actress was clearly not impressed by this piece of journalism and clearly showed her anger and discomfort at the random rumours that were made up on the social media. The actress was recently spotted at an airport with Uday Chopra, and the two are said to be in New York together, and this began the series of rumours and speculations of marriage.

Nargis and Uday were in a serious relationship, and the actress was a part of various functions at the Chopra household. However, the two took a break to get some clarity and away time from each other. While Nargis and Uday have always confirmed that they are good friends even after the breakup, the Indian media is clearly not ready to take this simple answer for its face value. However, Nargis’ tweet has cleared the air and put an end to this long thread of speculations.

While Bollywood has been accustomed to such rumours and fake news, actors and actresses are now speaking up against this false reporting and have been raising their voice to put an end to this age-old practice. Recently actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Arjun Rampal were both accused of being abusive with fans and causing physical violence but both the actors clearly spoke about the instances and clarified that the news was 100% untrue. Cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma were also in a similar situation when news of the couple getting married flew around in December last year. However, the two calmly rubbished the rumours.