From Narendra Modi to Ram Nath Kovind and Ashok Gehlot, politicians take to Twitter to wishing Parsis 'Navroz Mubarak'

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Navroz or the Parsi new year is a regional holiday in states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat

Falling on the same day as Holi this year, Thursday also marked Navroz or the Parsi New Year celebrations. Extending their warm wishes to people of the community were Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind, Smriti Irani among several others.

The Parsi New Year marks the beginning of the Iranian calendar. A tradition that began some 3,000 years ago, it is observed by the community across the world. The day is also known as Jamshed-i-Nouroz after the Persian King, Jamshed, who introduced the Parsi calendar.  As any celebration across India, food forms a major part of this big day. Traditional dishes such as dhansak, meethi sev dahi, prawns, farcha, machchi no patio, berry pulao, lagan nu custard are prepared as part of the festivities.  Charity forms an important part of the day and believers follow an auspicious time to donate. Kovind extended his wishes to the "much-loved", "overachieving" Parsi community in the new year.

The Parsi new year is a regional holiday in states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Mumbai Regional Congress Committee also wished the community on the day.

So did Union minister Smriti Irani:

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot too extended his wishes on the occasion of Navroz, wishing all "health, happiness and prosperity".

Actor-turned politician Nagma Morarji also took to Twitter to wish people on the occasion:

Another custom that is followed by people is the haft sin or haft seen in which people decorate their tables with seven items that begin with the Persian letter 'S'. Items such apples, garlic, vinegar, dried fruit, sweet pudding, sprouts and berries (all of which have Persian names that start with S) are laid out. Some parts of the world even decorate eggs, mirror and candles.

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