Narendra Kumar, a Business Tycoon and a Social Activist Who Helps Budding Entrepreneurs

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There are often some moments in one's life where one feel humanity is dead, but there are in the midst of that some people who help us gain confidence again. People like these go unnoticed sometimes, and the help that they offer goes in vain. The phase we are all going through is difficult, and any help during these circumstances is more than welcome by us. The process of setting up a business and taking all those risks can be a difficult task, but what if there is someone who can help you through this? Are you a budding entrepreneur and are thinking about asking for assistance but has no clue where to go and how to start? Well, there is one dynamic personality who can help. Narendra Kumar is a well-known visionary business consultant and a Chartered Accountant who has a strong foundation and has been able to put his ideas into goals and succeed in all his actions. The above sentences may be a concise description of him, and it might be difficult for some people out there to give in and trust this amazing personality. So, below is a detailed description of him which will help you acknowledge him and his work.

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As mentioned earlier, Narendra Kumar is a social activist, a founder of Enterslice, and a business mentor who knows the recipe of lifting small businesses and young business enthusiasts to new heights. He has been successful in all his efforts of making many dreams come true. Most importantly, he came up with Aatmnirbhar Sena to usher India on the path of self-sufficiency. His work ethics, ideologies, along with his visionary approach, reflect that he is conscious of the entrepreneurial growth of the country. Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is his biggest inspiration. Through his NGO Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, he has saved many lives amid the first and second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, he received an appreciation letter from Police Commissioner for helping out during the second wave by donating automatic sanitisation dispensers.

What are his Beliefs?

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Until now, you might have been sure of what he has been up to and that you can trust in him. But you might want to know what he believes in. Despite all the fame and recognition that Narendra Kumar gets, he is still a very humble and down to earth man and strives towards uplifting the living standard of those souls who are underprivileged. He has believed that many people have ideas and just need a little push towards success. He has been successful in packing steps and promoting entrepreneurship to bring social and economic change in India. He also believes that social activists and politicians should work on the upliftment of weaker sections of society so that they might get the recognition they need.

What Assistance would one Receive under Narendra Kumar's Guidance?

  1. Financial Assistance-Help in getting loans from banks would be one of the many things that you can expect. He focuses on strengthening small business enthusiasts, street vendors, and all the budding business owners.

  2. Mentorship: the Launchpad for Blooming Small Businesses-Proper mentorship is one of the many things that people need while starting up a new business. There might be some who have the ideas but are confused as to where they should start from. Narendra Kumar believes in mentoring and assisting such people so that they are sure about what they are investing in. It is important for them to learn from people who have experience and have been through that situation themselves.

  3. Market Research is the Key: Market research is an essential part to look forward to, as for any business to thrive, it is essential to conduct research. For Instance, one can't sell fruits in a jungle. Though this is an obvious fact, there are other things that need to be kept in mind. Proper market research comes in handy all the time.

  4. Creating a Business-friendly Environment and Contributing in Startup Ecosystem-An individual who is going to start up a new business is sure to have second thoughts, and it is really necessary for them to feel confident and move forward with their plans. Narendra Kumar will help you find an environment where you are comfortable and gear up to escalate your way towards success. It will help in the advancement of the startup ecosystem in our country.

  5. Inculcate the Habit of Maintaining Patience Level-It is normal for a business to take some time to grow, and patience is always the main key that helps here. Narendra Kumar has personally witnessed many highs and lows, but amid all the hardships, he never lost his patience and just kept putting in efforts. Even he believes that patience is a chariot of his life. Narendra Kumar ensures that he will be helping more people in the sphere of startups and businesses, and he is striving hard to help people get the recognition for their business they might need.

These are the ways in which Narendra Kumar can extend his assistance to you and your business startup. Under his guidance, many small business owners have made their mark, and he feels that he has just initiated his journey, and a lot more is in store for the growth and progress of emerging business ventures.

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