Narendra Firodia's LetsUp App Launches Streams With Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India Narendra Firodia’s LetsUp App to launch ‘Streams’ that will now allow netizens to access news curated from all over India, under one roof and allow celebrities, influencers & experts reach maximum audience through regional content, at a fraction of the cost. Streams is a community page, an exclusive site where people could connect and follow their favourites, depending on their area of interest and their topic of selection.

LetsUp App is India's first Infotainment Magazine App that provides regular and lightning-fast updates on Local, National as well as International news pertaining to Technology, Entertainment, Tips & Tricks, Motivation, Lifestyle & much more to its 1mn+ audience. It was recently recognized as the Most promising app in the News category at the Digital India Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation challenge.

The first ‘Stream’ to go live in the health and wellness segment is with India’s most renowned Holistic Lifestyle Coach and expert, Luke Coutinho. Luke has been a frontrunner in the field of Integrative Medicine and believes in a holistic approach to healing. His content has motivated several people to tweak their lifestyle while taking a more balanced approach to living. All of his content like his videos, blogs & recipes will be available in 12 different regional languages for the local population, starting with Hindi. LetsUp is also soon to launch ‘The Magic Immunity Pill’ – Lifestyle, in Hindi, a free gift to India & the world by Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty.

This inclusion will help fulfil Luke’s vision of reaching several local markets and providing them with quality information regarding health and wellness.

Following the purpose of furnishing people with genuine data at super speed and customised in local languages, LetsUp is collaborating with several experts and content creators from all industry facets.

Excited about this release, health and fitness enthusiast Narendra Firodia, Investor & Founder - LetsUp App says, '65% of India’s population follow regional content. With streams we aim to create content from experts across the country, in regional languages for public consumption. People can now follow their favourites on the click of an icon with LetsUp Streams. We are ready to launch content of our very own Fit India Champion of Lifestyle & Wellness, Luke Coutinho and make it available for the Hindi-speaking crowd. We are also parallelly working on launching his content in 12 regional languages.” Thrilled about this initiative Holistic Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho says, “My vision of creating awareness about living a well-balanced, holistic life with the masses has been realised by LetsUp Streams. This platform will now take all my content to create videos, blogs, recipes in regional languages and make it available to the common man for free!” About LetsUp App LetsUp is an Infotainment (Information + Entertainment) Platform where you can expect regular updates on Local, National, International news on Technology, Entertainment, Tips & Tricks, Motivation, Lifestyle & much more, that too, Completely FREE! It is India's first WhatsApp based Digital Magazine, which now can be availed on all-in-one Mobile App. LetsUp App provides Fastest updates of happenings across the world, along with hyperlocal content about jobs, health, relationships and much more on the easiest and fastest growing mobile platforms, Android & iOS.

LetsUp App is a Product of Hope Technologies, which is promoted by Narendra Firodia, who has a keen interest in investing and promoting upcoming startups.

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