Narak Chaturdashi 2020: Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Story & Meaning
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Narak Chaturdashi Festival: The Opportunity To Win Divine Grace
Are you confused about your festival plans and celebrations? Well, then you can join us. As the festival of Narak Chaturdasi is around the corner, so instead of celebrating behind the doors, you may indulge in outdoor activities such as hanging colourful lights, decorating your house or bursting crackers. Also, you can worship Maa Kali with a pure heart to receive special blessings from her. You can know from us what are the Hindu myths behind the well-known festival or read how it is celebrated in other parts of India, we bet it’s worth a read. Also, you may get insights into Narak Chaturdashi Puja.

Know The Date, Timings & Puja Muhurat For Narak Chaturdashi 2020
Date: November 14, 2020
Day: Saturday
Abhyang Snan Muhurat: 05:23 AM to 06:43 AM
Moonrise at Abhyang Snan: 05:23 AM
Tithi Timings:
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins: 05:59 PM (Nov 13, 2020)
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends: 02:17 PM on (Nov 14, 2020)

The Purpose And Significance Of Narak Chaturdashi
Well, Narak Chaturdashi forms a part of the Diwali festival and is widely known as Narak Nivaran Chaturdashi or Roop Chaudas. Narak Chaturdashi is an important part of the 5-day Diwali festival. People call Narak Chaturdashi a ‘Choti Diwali’. It is usually celebrated before the actual Diwali day or Amavasya. On the auspicious day of Narak Chaturdashi, people pray to Goddess Kali to eliminate negative forces or influence of evil souls from life. It is said that if you worship Maa Kali on Narak Chaturdashi, you may get rid of ghosts, ghouls and negative forces from every corner of your house. The influence of negative forces from your life can be removed by performing Puja at the comforts of your home. Many Hindus perform Abhyanga Snan to wash away their sins on this day. Also, some of them believe that Abhyanga Snan would help the person to find a way to escape hell. Narak Chaturdashi commemorates the time when the demon Narakasura was defeated by Lord Krishna and Satyabhama.

The Legend and Stories Behind Narak Chaturdashi
The Killing Of Narakasura
As per the tradition, there was a demon named Narakasura who wreaked havoc on earth as well as on Devalok (the heaven). Narakasura had a combat with Lord Indra, where the latter was unable to defeat him. Thereafter, Lord Indra and other deities made a humble request to Lord Vishnu in order to save them from the cruel demon, Narakasura. Lord Vishnu told his worshippers that Narakasura would be killed when he reincarnates as Lord Krishna. To fulfil his promise, Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Lord Krishna and arrived at the battlefield with Garuda as his procession to take on Narakasura. Besides, Lord Krishna requested his wife Satyabhama to help him in slaying Narakasura, as the demon was granted with a boon that he would never be killed by a male. Satyabhama joined the battlefield alongside Lord Krishna and killed Narakasura by shooting an arrow. That is the reason for celebrating Narak Chaturdashi, to recall the victory against demon Narakasura.

The Other Story: Of King Datyaraj Bali And Vamana Avatar Of Lord Krishna
There is another tale behind celebrating Naraka Chaturdashi, it is about a king named Datyaraj. The arrogant king was infamous for his ruthlessness towards poor people, he used to insult and humiliate them. Seeing this behaviour of the king, Lord Vishnu decided to punish him for his cruel acts. Thus, Lord Vishnu took a Vamana avatar (he came in the form of a Brahmin) and arrived at the king’s palace. Lord Vishnu appeared before the king as a dwarf Brahmin and expressed his desire to acquire three steps of the land. The King accepted his wish, so Lord Vishnu took giant three steps. In the first step, he covered the planet Earth, in the second step, he took a walk over heaven. Lord Vishnu then asked the fainted king where to place his third step. The helpless king kneeled before the Lord and requested him to put the final step on his head. Lord Vishnu put his third step on the head of Datyaraj Bali, which confirmed the salvation of the king and peace was served in the kingdom.

Regional Variations In The Celebration Of Narak Chaturdashi
Usually, Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated a day before Diwali and three days before Bhai Dooj. In North India, people celebrate Narak Chaturdashi putting on new, clean clothes, organizing Goddess Kali’s Puja and bursting crackers at night. On the other hand, in the Eastern part, the people of West Bengal celebrate this day as ‘Bhoot Chaturdashi’. As for Western India, people of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra have another word for Narak Chaturdashi known as ‘Kali Chaudas’. During this day, people usually place a pot covered with red cloth on the crossroad. Moreover, in some parts of Rajasthan, Narak Chaturdashi is observed as Roop Chaturdashi.

The Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi & Rituals
Below are some helpful tips you need to follow while performing Narak Chaturdashi Puja during the festivals of Diwali
After having an early morning bath, apply sesame oil on your body.
Invoke the god of death, Lord Yamraj to eradicate your sins.
Put lighted diyas outside your house.
Place a pitcher on a crossroad to remove evil forces from your house
During Nisheeth Kaal, clean your house to please Goddess Lakshmi to enter your house. You can perform Lakshmi Puja online to appease Goddess for entering your home.
Chant devotional songs before the idol of Goddess Kali.
In the evening, perform aarti and distribute prasad.
Warm Greetings For Narak Chaturdashi 2020

With this, we wish our readers a Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2020

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