Narada Sting: Congress slams CBI after FIR against 13 Trinamool leaders

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed a case against 13 Trinamool Congress leaders after the Supreme Court asked it to investigate the Narada Sting case.

Congress has slammed Central Bureau of Investigation for filing an FIR against more than a dozen Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders, including sitting MPs, in the Narada Sting Operation case.

Randeep Surjewala, Congress Communication Department Head said, "CBI has become Charge sheet Bureau against India's Opposition. CBI has become a puppet in the hands of BJP. The investigating agency is being used to hound the leaders of opposition."

The premiere investigation agency of the country filed a case against 13 TMC leaders after the Supreme Court asked it to investigate the Narada Sting case. CBI maintained that prima facie, there is enough evidence of money being accepted by the TMC leaders by using their official position.

On this, chief spokesperson of Congress, Surjewala said, "For the truth to come out, CBI is not an appropriate agency because they have become an agenda and propaganda machine for BJP. If there is evidence, then begin a probe but do not prosecute TMC leaders solely on the ground that they are hostile to you."

CBI has already questioned Mathew Samuel of Narada News, who reportedly handed over the cash during the alleged sting operation. CBI is now all set to question the accused in the matter.

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