Narada Jayanti 2019 Date: Rituals and Significance Associated With the Birth Anniversary of Narad Muni

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Vaishnav followers depict him as a pure, elevated soul who glorifies Vishnu through his devotional song, singing the names Hari and Narayana.

People in India, are always captivated in something or the other festivities, connoting varied religious faiths and cultures. The Hindu devotees today will observe another significant festival, popularly known as Narada Jayanti, which this year falls on May 19. It is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Narada, the messenger of God. Devrishi Narada is considered to be the divine messenger of the deities and the pioneer of communication. It is Narada Jayanti 2019 today, and on the auspicious occasion, know the rituals and significance associated with the celebration of the birth anniversary of Narad Muni. Narasimha Jayanti 2019: Significance, Images & Messages to Celebrate Festival Dedicated to Lord Vishnu Avatar. 

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Narada has appeared in a number of Hindu texts, remarkably the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, as well as in the Puranas. His depiction, carrying a Khartal and Tambura is generally regarded as one of the great masters of the ancient musical instrument. Narada would use his Veena to deliver the messages through singing. Who is Buddha? 19 Facts about the Founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama. 

Narada Jayanti 2019 Date

According to the North Indian Purnimant calendar, Narada Jayanti is celebrated on Pratipada Tithi during Krishna Paksha of Jyeshta month. Again, as per the South Indian Amvasyant calendar, Narada Jayanti falls on Pratipada Tithi during Krishna Paksha of Vaishaka month. It is just the name of the Lunar month, which differs. In both types of calendars, Narada Jayanti falls on the same day, as noted by Drikpanchang. Narada Jayanti usually falls on the next day of Buddha Purnima and this year, the festivity is observed on May 19.

Narada Jayanti: Rituals and Significance

Sage Narada, popularly known as Devrishi Narada Muni has the ability to visit all the Teen Loks, namely Akash (Heaven), Prithvi (Earth) and Patal (Netherworld). He is also believed to be the first journalist on the planet Earth, because of his travel across the universe to communicate and collect information. However, as Hindu epics suggest, most of his timely information has created trouble, but for the betterment of the universe. Devrishi Narada is an ardent devotee of Lord Narayana, who is one of the forms of Hindu Lord Vishnu. Narada is described as both wise and mischievous, in humorous tales. Vaishnav followers depict him as a pure, elevated soul who glorifies Vishnu through his devotional song, singing the names Hari and Narayana.

Devotees across the country celebrate Narada Jayanti with utmost dedication and fervour. Great celebrations are held at the temples dedicated to Narada Muni. Devotees worship and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu as Narada was himself a firm devotee of the Hindu lord.