Nana Patekar's mission impossible editorial
Nana Patekar's mission impossible

Ruhail Amin, Glamsham Editorial

Nana Patekar is perhaps one of the few actors who is candid about his limitations too. Though no one can dispute Nana's potential when it comes to histrionics, but talk about Hollywood and Nana says it's like mission impossible for him.

So, what is that keeps Nana away from Hollywood given the fact that he is every director's

dream cast. Nana in his own words has this to say, "I think working in Hollywood is next to impossible for me. I can't follow their language as easily. I'm sure that if I have to work in Hollywood, I will have issues with the language. For me, Bollywood seems to be the best option and I love the films that are offered here to me."

Nana is not upset about his last film SHAGIRD, though many critics had written it off. The veteran actor is happy that he was part of a film that was honest in its narrative.

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