Nagpur Police Uses Hilarious IPL Meme to Raises Awareness against Banking Fraud

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While private businesses, brands, and celebrities make ample use of social media to gain popularity, grow their worth and interact with fans, some police departments across the country have been making full use of the platform for welfare reasons.

Nagpur Police is among the list of cities with social-media-savvy police forces. With memes, popular-culture references and jokes, the department uses funny and relatable ways to connect to the audiences.

They’ve been running a banking safety and security campaign on their Twitter account for a long time now. As IPL fever is surging through the country, the person behind the Twitter handle made appropriate use of a very funny moment from a recent match.

Cricket field, especial 20-20 formats like IPL, are high energy with big stakes. For Varun Chakravarthy of Kolkata Knight Riders, one such moment of anxiety has been made viral by the Nagpur Police department. He can be seen clutching his hair while his eyes are wide and he looks perplexed. The twitter handle captioned the image as, “an OTP with a so-called 'Bank Employee speaking from the Head Office.”

The message insinuated a person who might do such a thing in a moment of folly would have a similar reaction. People had a few reactions-

They have previously used a meme from Gulabo Sitabo in June for a similar message.

The common message between both these memes is to never share your OTP with anyone. One-time password or OTP is considered one of the safer ways to conduct online transactions. When a user makes a purchase or fills a form or anything involving online banking or credit/debit cards, the password is sent to the number registered with your bank account, therefore, assuring only the right person is trying to access the account. CVV (Card Verification Value) is kind of the key that unlocks your debit card.

However, scammers can either send fake messages or calls to extract this information from you. It’s important to remember that no bank or company ever calls to confirm CVV or OTP for online transactions. They are only meant to be input in a secure portal by the users.