Nagpur man feeding 190 stray dogs with chicken biryani since beginning of pandemic

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Ranjeet Nath distributing biryani to stray dogs. (Photo/ANI)
Ranjeet Nath distributing biryani to stray dogs. (Photo/ANI)

Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], May 20 (ANI): In these times of 'restrictions' when some sections of society are struggling to get one square meal, a man from Maharashtra's Nagpur has been providing scrumptious chicken biryani to around 190 stray dogs.

Ranjeet Nath has been cooking nearly 40 kilograms of biryani daily since the onset of the pandemic. He feeds around 190 stray dogs.

Speaking to ANI on Wednesday, Nath said, "I am busy on Wednesday, Sunday, and Friday as I prepare 30-40 kilogram biryani for these dogs. They are like my kids now. I will do this work till I am alive. It makes me happy."

His day starts with preparations for the biryani. He starts cooking it from noon and goes around the city on his bike at 5 pm daily to feed the strays.

"I have 10-12 fixed locations and my 'bacche' know them. The moment they see me, they start running towards me. Once on the streets, I do not discriminate against strays. I also feed cats," said Nath.

"There is less meat and more bones in the chicken biryani. I get the bony part of the chicken at a cheaper rate which helps me to feed more dogs. Until last month, most of the expenditure was from my pocket," he added. (ANI)

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