Nafisa Ali Sodhi Diagnosed With Leucoderma After Battling Cancer

Veteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi, who is also a cancer survivor, has been diagnosed with leucoderma. Leucoderma is a skin condition, which leads to white patches on a human being's body.

Nafisa took to Instagram to write that she had noticed a white patch in her arm during her chemotherapy. In Goa, she realised that it had spread to her face and other parts of the body.

In a lengthy statement, she wrote, “Ever since my chemotherapy I started noticing white patches on my neck area ... now being by the sea and getting a tan ,I can tell it’s on my face too . Such is life ... you win some and loose some .I have been diagnosed with Leucoderma ... What is it ? Quite similar to the skin condition “Vitiligo” –leucoderma is a skin disorder in which patches of skin tend to lose its natural color.”

“Leucoderma is regarded as the de-pigmentation of the skin which is marked by the localization or complete destruction of melanocytes in the body. The characteristic formation of white patches on the skin remains closely bound to each other unlike the patches formed in Vitiligo. Leucoderma is particularly known by the presence of white patches which could be localized to smaller areas in the beginning. However, with the passage of time, the skin patches might get enlarged. Stay blessed and happy,” she further added.

Nafisa has been quite vocal about her journey with cancer. An inspiration for many, Nafisa has again made fans be in awe of her because of her honest, vulnerable and positive approach.

The actress recently also talked about being stuck in Goa without basic amenities due to the lockdown. She said that despite being a cancer survivor she has not been able to access her medicines due to the lockdown.

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