Nadda writes to Punjab CM, says BJP committed to farmers' welfare

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BJP president JP Nadda (File Photo)
BJP president JP Nadda (File Photo)

New Delhi [India], November 4 (ANI): BJP president JP Nadda on Wednesday wrote to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh stating that the BJP is committed to the welfare of the farmers and the country.

The BJP president also slammed Singh for encouraging agitation against recently passed farm Acts of the Centre.

In a tweet, Nadda said, "My response to open letter of Punjab CM @capt_amarinder that he had written to me on 1st November 2020, as per media reports, although till this moment I have not received any such letter from his side, still I am replying to his letter received by me through this media."

"It seems that he had prepared this letter only for the media, which means that his purpose was only and only political noise and has no concern in the solutions of the issues raised. Anyway, I can assure him that the BJP is committed to the welfare of farmers and country," Nadda said.

In the letter, Nadda detailed his points stating, "I would like to submit that the Parliament of India enacted 3 Acts (The Farmers produce and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020. The farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act 2020. The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020 after the discussion on the issue both Houses of Parliament. In the debate members of all political parties including your party i,e, the Indian National Congress participated."

"You are well aware that in the election manifesto of the INC you had mentioned about enacting such laws, in case you come to power. The Acts are in the best interest of farmers and intended to enhance their incomes by providing choice and options to farmers on where to sell," Nadda said in the letter.

"You are also aware that the Act did not abolish the AMPC or indicated any intention to abolish MSP. The farmers of Punjab have always been a pride of the nation and it is for this reason that the Central Government accords the highest priority in matters of MSP procurement to that State. It was expected that after your own promise in the election manifesto and after such laws having been enacted by the Parliament and that too after detailed debate and discussion, you and your party as responsible citizens of India will abide by the law and will stand by the laws as made by the Parliament of India. Unfortunately, you and your party started opposing these Acts crossing all limits of decency and propriety," he said.

"You and your party openly encouraged agitations against these Acts in the state of Punjab, participated in Dharnas and rallies and openly issued very provocative statements encouraging agitations against these Acts. Your Government added fuel to the fire by openly declaring that you will not lodge any FIR against the agitators even if they indulge in road dharnas, Railway tracks blocking, etc. Not only that, you went a step further by enacting State laws against the Central Acts, which are pending consideration before the competent authority," Nadda said in the letter.

"You would appreciate that no one can be allowed to block roads, railway tracks etc in any agitation and if any agitation has to be carried out, it has to be at places other than the roads, railway tracks, etc. This has been reiterated by Supreme Court in 2009 (5) SCC 212 Destruction of Public and Private Properties vs State of Andhra Pradesh and others," the letter read.

However, I am pained to say that you and your party and government have shown little respect for Supreme Court and openly encouraged blockade of roads , railways etc. In spite of all this, the Central government gave the top priority to the procurement of paddy. The progress so far in Punjab confirms the honest intent of the Central government to stand by the farmers of Punjab and to help them earn higher incomes, the letter states.

"In response to your letter dated, October 25 addressed to Piyush Goyal Railway Minister Govt of India, Goyal wrote back to you on Oct 26 pointing out the reason as to why it is not possible to operate trains in Punjab. He was kind enough to reiterate the intention of govt of India to start running not only goods but passenger trains also in Punjab. Unfortunately, your govt did not take any steps to ensure the security and safety of the railway tracks as well as to ensure security and safety of the railway staff who will be operating trains, which would have paved the way for running of trains in Punjab," the BJP president said in the letter.

"I share your concern about the situation in Punjab but in my view you are fully responsible for the unfortunate situation that has emerged in the state of Punjab. The government of India is very keen to run trains in Punjab, but unfortunately, you are not performing the role that is expected of you and your government in Punjab," Nadda added. (ANI)