Mysuru Students’ College Photos End Up on Escort Services Site

The women began getting multiple calls from strangers asking them to have sex for money.

A week ago, ten students from the Environmental Science Department of the Manasa Gangotri College in Mysuru began facing a harassment nightmare after they began to receive multiple phone calls from strangers asking them to have sex for money.

When one of the women asked her caller how he got her number, she found that he had obtained it from a post offering escort services on Locanto. The photos uploaded on the website were the ones the women had submitted to the college at the time of admissions.

On 18 April, the women found out that several of their colleagues in their department were facing the same troubles. Later that evening, the students contacted the Chancellor of Mysuru University Professor Rajanna, who directed them to file a police complaint.

Police Official, Jayalakshmipuram StationThe girls have filed a collective complaint on Wednesday and we have registered a complaint under relevant sections of the Information Technology Act. The case will be transferred to the Cyber Crime Police, who will investigate the issue.

“It may be that someone got the information from the college database and uploaded the details on the escort service website. We also suspect that it may have been someone from the department itself as all the girls are from the same department and only certain officials have access to the student details,” the police official added.

Professor Rajanna told TNM that he would visit the college on Wednesday and initiate a departmental probe.

“I will inquire into the matter and after obtaining further details, I will file another complaint on behalf of the college, as these girls belong to Mysuru University. We have to safeguard our students,” Rajanna added.

(This story was first published on The News Minute)