'Mysteriously ill' Google CEO Larry Page back in office: Schmidt


London, July 14 (ANI): Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has said that Larry Page is 'doing much better', and he was back in the office after being absent from the company's biggest public events for weeks.

Schmidt said that Chief Executive Page was taking meetings at Google headquarters in Mountain View,

"He is talking, but talking softly," The Daily Mail quoted Schmidt, as saying.

Schmidt had explained earlier that Page has stayed out of the public eye since last month, when he was a no-show at an annual shareholders' meeting after having 'lost his voice'.

According to the paper, Page, who apart from being CEO is also one of the company's largest shareholders, is also expected to skip the company's post-earnings conference call next week.

His prolonged absence has raised questions about the health of the 39-year-old Google co-founder and the mystery condition affecting his voice.

Page had reassured his staff at the firm over his health, saying that 'there is nothing seriously wrong with me' and that he would 'continue to run the company.' (ANI)