Mysterious light appears on California sky, leaves many puzzled; What is it?

Vikas SV

California, Dec 21: A ring with a tail shaped mysterious light that appeared over Sacramento and the Bay Area in California has left many puzzled. The mysterious light was spotted in the sky after 5:30 p.m local time on Wednesday.

This has left many Northern Californians guessing what the mysterious object might have been. The streak was primarily seen over Northern California but people also saw it as far away as Nevada and Oregon, said reports. Just a few weeks ago, a bright blue light was observed over Texas, and similarly left many puzzled.

The strange light left locals puzzled, as many took to Twitter to share pictures and videos.

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The American Meteor Society posted on Twitter on Thursday morning that it received more than 120 reports and studied 45 photos about the bright light that was seen from three states.

While observatories are saying it was a meteor trail backlit by the sun just after sunset, the UFO phenomenon ethusiasts are excited.

"I'm definitely a big believer in UFO phenomenon," Elizabeth Matuzak said, as per a Abc7news report. "I definitely think it's a UFO."

Earlier this year, two pilots flying two different planes reportedly spotted a mysterious object flying high above Arizona in the afternoon of February 24, the USA's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said. t was the pilot of a Phoenix Air flight who initially reported about the sighting. He asked the control whether anything passed his plane to which the former responded 'no'. The air traffic control than asked the pilot of an American Airlines flight which was flying next to the first plane to confirm if he spotted anything flying over him.

The incident happened amid a series of encounters that pilots operating military aircraft reportedly had with what is commonly described as the unidentified flying object of UFO.

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