The Mysterious 'Jet Pack Guy' in Los Angeles is Back! New Sighting of Man Flying Near Plane Captured on Video

Team Latestly
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The year of 2020 may be getting over, but looks like the mysteries aren't. In Los Angeles, there have been sightings of a man flying at the level of planes, with the help of a jet pack. And just two months after the last sighting, a new video has again recorded a man flying with a jet pack. Sling Pilot Academy, a flight school based in Torrance, posted a video clip on their Instagram which clearly shows someone flying in the distance. Authorities are now once again investigating who is this mysterious man dubbed as the 'jet pack guy' with his frequent sightings.

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The video was taken on Monday, December 21 near the Palos Verdes Peninsula. One of the pilots doing the usual practice noticed a man flying in the opposite direction at about 3,000 feet in the air. In the caption posted on the video, there is a speculation if it could have been a drone. Flight Instructor Brandy Fogelman told Fox11, "I've never seen anything like that. You could see arms and legs". Now a report has been filed and the Federal Aviation Administration and FBI are reportedly looking into it. Jetpack Suit Testing Successfully Done By British Inventor Richard Browning Over Water: Watch 'Iron Man' Video.

Watch Video of The Man Flying in Jet Pack Near LA:

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It is illegal for a man to fly within the space of commercial airline or airspace. This is the third sighting in the recent months of a guy flying with a jet pack but FAA has not validated the reports yet. So, there has been no update on who could this be or what happens to the investigation next.