Myriad deities, and we still couldn't unsubscribe from this tomfoolery?

Half a dozen babas are behind bars; allegations of heinous crimes levelled against them have been proved one by one, some have been dragged to justice, others stand in line; but guess what – we have not been brought to our senses yet. Before my words get dubbed as another attack on Hinduism, do know that I am a Hindu and a devout one at that, and hence have the license to question the depravity I see rife in a religion I so dearly love. Now that, the ‘attacking-Hindu-faith’ narrative is out of the way, let’s talk sense – sense, something we have been denouncing all this while.

When the Supreme Court bans firecrackers, terming its verdict as an anti-Hindu step, a blow on your tradition, you don’t take a minute to taint the judiciary in religious paint. Where does this raging emotion drenched in religious sentiments disappear when one self-professed Godman after another rapes your daughters and sisters, feasts on your hard earned money, and indulges in numerous profligacies under the guise of this very religion? So concerned about the image of Hinduism, you march the roads of Australia in protest of a commercial featuring Lord Ganesha breaking bread with fellow-gods, relishing a non-veg meal; then how do you even stomach the existence of these Godmen and their tomfoolery in the name of aastha?

A foreign colleague once asked me why Hindus bow down to these professors of debauchery. Why have Hindus seated these idols of immorality on the highest pedestals and worship them, offer them not only prasadam but also their women? I had two choices, either to hang my head in shame, or just accept that we are dull malleable idiots – have always been. In a world ridden with diseases, wars, tyranny, terrorism, poverty, hunger, atrocity, we believe these Godmen with all powers endowed upon them by the guy upstairs would rather slap on some make-up – that too of bad taste, put on gaudy clothes, throw on a bunch of blinding jewelry and indulge in merrymaking? They employ our belief as a shield and we let them troll us, turning us into a laughing stock for the whole world to take a jibe at?

Let’s apply some logic here. Say Lord Bhrama, the creator, lent you just a drop of his supremacy – wouldn’t you rather come up with a cure of cancer? If Lord Vishnu, the protector, lent you just an ounce of his unparalleled strength – wouldn’t you rescue the children blown up into shreds in an Ariana Grande concert? If Lord Shiva granted you just a sliver of his peerless power, wouldn’t you rather set a rapist ablaze before his hands reached an innocent women walking the streets of Noida at sundown? Or would you just turn on the music loud and dance all night with your hands in the air? Because that is exactly what my sister-in-law’s guruji does.  Deceived by his Rudraksha Mala, long curls, and flawless utterance of shlokas from Bhagwat Geeta, she considers him to be the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Kalki. This is how the fake and self-proclaimed babas do indoctrinate you. As someone with, not total, but considerable knowledge of our religious texts, I can confirm that if any God, in any form, had descended on Earth, was living and breathing amongst us, you wouldn’t have seen seven year olds being stabbed to death in schools.

Am I an atheist then? Am I denying the existence of God? No, I am just rebutting this horseplay you all have subscribed to. The ancient system of faith, that I have massive respect for, has given a generous choice of eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve Aadityas, an Indra and a Prajaapati, who you can join hands to without getting molested or cheated, and still you pour your pious devotion on the profane feet of some mortal Baba or Mata, who has not a single act of magnanimity to their credit. Placing debaucherous mortals on that ultimate podium not only exposes holes in your concept of God and his benevolence, but also puts a huge question mark in the faith so are so proud of.